Important Notice from Ishigaki City

Dear foreign visitors,

Please read the notice below when you decide to travel to Ishigaki.

- Important Notice -

- Body temperature will be checked at the airport

Your body temperature will be measured at the arrival gate of Ishigaki Airport and if it is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, the staff at the gate will ask you to double check your body temperature by using a non-contact thermometer. This is a very important and necessary procedure at the airport to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

If you get the same result (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher), the staff will ask you to willingly cooperate with them and see an infectious disease doctor at a designated hospital nearby. The transportation to the hospital will be taken care of by the staff, and you will not get charged at the hospital for seeing the doctor or for getting a test if necessary.

- What happens at the hospital?

At the hospital, a doctor capable of dealing with infectious disease patients will ask some questions and decide whether you need a PCR test or not.

- What happens if I test positive?

If your test result is positive for coronavirus, you will need to be hospitalized immediately. Even if the result is negative, please continue to watch your condition very carefully during your stay. Please report to local authorities or the hospital as soon as possible if you get sick later.

- Call for wearing a face mask

If you successfully manage to enter the island, please do not forget to wear a face mask during your stay because it is effective in preventing the spread of the virus by airborne droplets. You will be asked to wear a mask at places such as shops, restaurants, bars, inns, and other indoor places.

You may remove your mask outdoors with proper physical distancing of approximately 2 meters or more from others.

- Be sure to contact us when you get sick while in Ishigaki

Please do not go outside and stay in your room when you have a high fever or feel sick. We are ready to give you proper advice and information concerning your treatment and care on the island. Your contact numbers in this case are as follows.

◉ New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Call Center of Okinawa Prefecture

     Phone Number : 098-866-2129 ( a 24-hour service, 365 days a year )

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