Tourist Protection Measures in Ishigaki City in Responding to Novel Coronavirus

1. Protection measures applied at Ishigaki Airport

Measures which are now being applied to those who enter the city via Ishigaki Airport are as follows: 

  • A thermal camera is set up at the arrival gate of the airport to detect passengers’ body temperature. 
  • If your body temperature is detected 37.5℃ (99.5℉) or higher, you will be asked details about your health condition by a staff of Travelers' Access Center Okinawa which is called TACO for short stationed at the gate.
  • The TACO staff will advise you to see an infectious disease doctor at a designated hospital and they will take you to the hospital under your consent by the designated vehicle.

2. Measures for preventing community-acquired infections in the city 

Hotels, inns, shops, restaurants, bars, amusement facilities, marine businesses and other tourism related businesses in the city have provided guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus. So you will be asked to act according to the guidelines. 

Ishigaki City has provided such businesses with a certified sticker 

 >>>See the list of businesses with the certified sticker 

Also, Ishigaki City has signed an agreement in terms of novel coronavirus prevention cooperation with hotels, inns and other boarding facilities in the city. Under the agreement, the facilities are now implementing necessary precautionary measures according to their own guidelines for their customers. 

>>>See the list of facilities which signed the agreement 

3. Medical Examination and Test at a designated hospital 

The entrance of Okinawa Prefectural Yaeyama Hospital in Ishigaki City

If you are experiencing a high fever of 37.5℃ (99.5℉) or higher or suspected symptoms of novel coronavirus such as sore throat or dry cough, please contact the numbers below: 

  • Novel Coronavirus Consultation Call Center of Okinawa Prefecture (available 24Hours)  Phone: 098-866-2129 
  • Novel Coronavirus Consultation and Outpatient of Ishigaki City  (Available from 9AM to 12PM, Monday to Friday) Phone: 070-5273-7900・7901 

*Please make sure you are calling the correct number. 

If you are advised to visit an infectious disease designated hospital, call the hospital in advance and make an appointment before you visit the place. (Please avoid taking public transportation if possible.)

A designated doctor at the hospital will determine whether you need a test or not. After the doctor determines that a test is needed, you will receive a PCR test or an antigen test there. 

What if tested positive?

You will be admitted to the designated hospital or other lodging facility to receive treatment. 

What if tested negative?

Please continue to watch your condition very carefully during your stay and report to the hospital as soon as possible if you have a fever of 37.5℃ (99.5℉) or higher or are getting unwell. (Please do not go outside and avoid contacting other people as much as possible in such cases.)

In case of sudden illness (confusion of consciousness, breathing difficulty, etc), please call an ambulance (dial 119) without hesitation. 

4. If you need assistance or information in the city

Call Ishigaki City Tourism Division (Phone: 0980-82-1535) or send us an email at: