Reassurance-providing Island Travel Premium


Ishigaki City Mayor Yoshitaka Nakayama implemented a new program for travelers called AN-SHIN SHIMATABI PREMIUM (あんしん島旅プレミアム Reassurance-providing Island Travel Premium Program)on July 1, 2021. 

The program has requested travelers who arrive at Ishigaki Airport after July 1, 2021 to take a pre-travel COVID-19 diagnostic test (PCR test or antigen) within 72 hours of departure and to receive a negative test result ※1 before entering. 

Although the test is NOT mandatory, the city has strongly asked the visitors to take such measures to protect the spread of the new coronavirus on the island to make their journey less worried about COVID-19 infection. Travelers who were administered COVID-19 vaccine(s) before entering the island are also welcomed.

※1 An official certificate issued by hospital or clinic, or an e-mail which shows the negative result of a PCR test, or a test plate which shows negative result of an antigen test is required.

Reassurance-providing Island Travel Premium Passport


Travelers who bring and show the negative pre-travel test result or COVID-19 vaccination record when arriving at Ishigaki Airport are subject to receive AN-SHIN SHIMATABI PREMIUM PASSPORT※2(あんしん島旅プレミアムパスポート Reassurance-providing Island Travel Premium Passport). Passport holders can receive benefits when using various tourism services ※3 on the island.

It won't take too long to issue the passport if you could prepare a document or an e-mail or a test plate of antigen test kit which prove you have a negative test result in advance. If you have already completed coronavirus vaccination(s), please show us the document which proves it.

※2 The passport will have an expiration date

※3 The tourism services are shown on AN-SHIN SHIMATABI PREMIUM PASSPORT website