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Ishigaki City has called on visitors to wear a face mask as much as possible on the island, except the social distance (approximately 2 meters and over) is properly maintained outdoors, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

We have implemented new measures against the coronavirus! 

To protect both islanders and tourists (you), we ask for your cooperation to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.

The health department of Ishigaki City requests that you do a health check three days after checking out of your lodging. We thank you for your cooperation.

Why do I need to check for a fever or illness three days after I checkout?

Individuals infected with the coronavirus may emit viral particles two to three days before the onset of symptoms. Therefore, if you are asymptomatic by the third day after checking out of your lodging, this likely means that you have not emitted any viral particles during your stay in Ishigaki Island. If you experience a fever or feel ill, please notify Ishigaki City immediately. This will help us trace your contacts up to two days prior to your checkout. By taking proper precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we will be able to limit the number of infections in our community, ensuring the safety and security of both citizens and tourists.